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It’s school library month! Check out these late-fee-free facts about Canyons District libraries.

Do you know how many libraries are located within the Canyons School District? Do you know how many items — books, textbooks, resources, equipment and other materials — are in those libraries? And how about this one: Without the help of your favorite search engine, name the author who said, “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”

Would it help if we gave a hint that the author was from Argentina?

If you answered one or more of those questions in the affirmative, congrats! You’re either a certified librarian or a certifiable bookworm. You’re probably even aware that April is School Library Month.

If you scratched your head and couldn’t answer the questions, don’t worry. Most of the rest of us couldn’t, either. But you’re in a good place — even better if you’re reading this from a library — to find answers to those questions and a several other interesting tidbits about libraries.

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CSD, Health Department Team Up To Provide ‘The Jab’ at High Schools

Plans to provide “the jab”  to age-eligible students who have parent permission to participate in a COVID-19 vaccination clinic at a Canyons District high school are moving along at a rapid clip.

The clinics, held in partnership with the Salt Lake County Health Department, have been scheduled for various times this week.

Parents and guardians who responded “Yes” to a recent survey that gauged interest in reserving the two doses of the Pfizer vaccine have been sent instructions to register for the clinics.  This information was sent to the email address for the primary-parent contact of the student.

If you responded affirmatively to the survey but did not receive information about how to register, please call the CSD IT Help Desk at 801-826-5544.

Registration for the clinics can be done online, by telephone, or with hard-copy forms.

Registration must be done in advance of the clinics. In addition, a signed, hard copy of the permission form must be provided to the school before 16- and 17-year-old students can receive their vaccination.  This must be provided at the time of the vaccination clinic.

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Relationships Matter: New Social-Emotional Learning Program Proposed for CSD High Schools

If it wasn’t clear before, then the era of COVID-19 has made it certain:  Students who are overwhelmed by social or academic pressures — or feel like a nameless face in the crowd in the hallways of the school — are not likely to reach their fullest potential. 

To the end of helping students navigate modern pressures and develop character traits that are crucial for success in life and school,  Canyons District put into place the acclaimed “Second Steps” social-emotional learning curriculum in elementary and middle schools. 

Now, the District is moving toward implementing an acclaimed SEL curriculum in its high schools. 

Under consideration by the Canyons Board of Education is “School-Connect — Optimizing the High School Experience,” which would be part of CSD’s multi-pronged approach to wellness.

The curriculum, officials say, aims to improve teen social, emotional, and academic skills, and strengthen relationships among students and between students and teachers. Now more than ever it is vital that all students are taught skills that, according to research, are vital for success in the classroom and beyond. This includes self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making.

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