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Canyons District to Move to Blended Learning Model

In response to rising COVID-19 counts, the Canyons Board of Education on Tuesday approved a plan to transition to four days of classroom learning with Friday reserved for remote, or independent, learning.

The new, blended learning schedule will take effect starting Monday, Oct. 5, 2020, which will give families time to adjust their schedules. It will apply to all students.

In-person learners will attend school according to their regular schedules, Monday through Thursday. There will be no early-out or late start days. Friday will be a planning, collaboration and student-consultation day for teachers and a day of independent study for students. Online learners will continue with their online learning Monday through Thursday and use Friday to do independent work as assigned by their teacher.

The temporary calendar change comes in response to rising COVID-19 case counts in the communities CSD serves. Three of the District’s five traditional high schools have transitioned to online learning, and more than 1,700 students across the District have been placed on quarantine due to their coming in close contact with someone in their community who has tested positive for the disease.

Principals on Tuesday testified to the exhaustion, burnout, and mental duress teachers are experiencing as they struggle to teach changing rosters of students across multiple learning environments (in-person, online and students in quarantine). Up to 25 percent of students are quarantined in some schools, requiring teachers to spend 10 to 12 extra hours a week preparing audio and video lessons to accompany the written instructions they’re making available on CSD’s online common-learning management system, Canvas.

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Alta, Brighton High School Go Online for 14 Days After COVID-19 Uptick

Following a sustained increase in COVID-19 cases, Alta and Brighton high schools will transition to online learning for 14 days. The pause in on-campus learning was determined to be in the best interest of students, families and staff.

Alta and Brighton students who are registered for on-campus classes will not attend school on Wednesday, Sept. 23.  This will give the faculty and staff a day to prepare to teach virtual classes for the next two weeks. The online instruction for all Alta and Brighton students will begin Thursday, Sept. 24. More information about online learning expectations via Canvas will be forthcoming from the school and individual teachers.

Parents were notified of the temporary schedule change on Tuesday via robocall, email and text. 

The decision, made Tuesday, Sept. 22, follows guidelines recently established by the Canyons Board of Education for when a school reaches a certain threshold of positive cases within a two-week period. According to the parameters, if any CSD traditional high school reaches a 1 percent COVID-19 rate within a two-week period, it will trigger a discussion about possible mitigation efforts, including a temporary schedule change. 

The most recent reports from health authorities indicate that the high schools have reached that threshold. 

The Canyons community can regularly monitor how many cases are at each CSD school by reviewing information on the District’s new data dashboard, which can be accessed on the Canyons District website.

It’s hoped that in-person instruction can resume on Oct. 7, 2020.  In the meantime, the buildings will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. 

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CSD Launches Detailed COVID-19 Data Dashboard

Canyons School District has launched a new dashboard detailing the number of active COVID-19 cases associated with its schools.

The information will help guide the Canyons Board of Education and Administration as the community works together to face an unprecedented public-health challenge. It’s also hoped it will help families make decisions about the in-person and remote learning options open to them.

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