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Brighton High Parking Rules




Parking passes must be purchased annually; permits will only be issued to Juniors and Seniors with a valid driver’s license. ALL previous parking tickets must be paid before a new permit will be issued. Permits from the previous years are not acceptable and anyone doing so will be ticketed, booted and/or towed.  BHS and Canyons School District are NOT responsible for car damage or theft on our lot.


Parking is a privilege–not a right. A parking permit gives a student the privilege to park in the student parking areas when a space is available. If the parking lot is full, the student must find an alternative place to park. Parking in adjacent neighborhoods is discouraged and disruptive for local residents. Overflow and Sophomore parking is plentiful at the Richard L. Guthrie Skate Park located at 2415 East Bengal Blvd. Time spent looking for a parking spot or the time it takes to walk to the building is not an acceptable excuse for being late to class. Students should always plan accordingly to ensure that they are able to get to class on time.


State law indicates that each school district and school within the district will designate parking areas and that those parking areas may have rules enforced by the school and/or local law enforcement (e.g. Cottonwood Heights City Police).  BHS has designated areas for student and faculty parking.  Students will be required to park only in parking stalls designated for student parking. Students who choose to park in non-designated student parking stalls (e.g. handicapped, faculty, administrative, school equipment occupied, or other reserved parking), or park illegally, may be subject to parking citations, parking boots, and/or towing off school grounds at the owner’s expense.


Each vehicle parked at BHS must have a current school year parking permit properly displayed. Permits cost $10.00 each and may be obtained from the Main Office. Permits are not transferable. To replace a lost or stolen permit, a new application will be required along with a few of $20.00. Due to limited space, parking is on a first come, first served basis.  Permits MUST be displayed properly on the rear-view mirror on the front windshield and must be present in the proper vehicle on the premise.  Failure to properly display a permit will result in a citation.


Citations are $50.00. If a vehicle accumulates $200.00 worth of tickets the vehicle will be booted until the tickets are paid in full.


Vehicles parked on Brighton property without a permit will be given a warning. The second time the vehicle is parked on Brighton property will be booted until a permit is purchased and tickets are paid.


Each permit holder must have a valid Utah driver license and vehicles must have current registration. Those students who park in the parking lot must obey all rules and state laws. In addition, each student must provide written permission from a parent/guardian to drive a motor vehicle to school along with registered owner of vehicle if different then parent/guardian.


The student’s vehicle may be searched when on school property if school authorities have reasonable suspicion to believe that materials in violation of state, county, municipal, or school codes are stored within the vehicle. Any such materials or other improper items found during the course of the search may be seized and used as evidence in school disciplinary hearings and legal proceedings.


All cars parked on the driver education range must be moved by 2:35 p.m. Cars not moved are subject to towing at the owner’s expense.


Appeals may not be made in person, via email, nor email. There will no exceptions.


ALL appeals must be made online at: https://forms.gle/dXMT3J6CR6dNAsEf7 (This opens to an outside website)




Utah State Code


10.04.010 Traffic code adopted.

The city council has ordained that Title 41, Chapter 1, et seq., Utah Code Annotated, 1953, as amended, including but not limited to the amendments through and including the 1986 Regular Session of the Utah State Legislature, three copies of which are on file for use and examination by the public in the office of the city recorder at 80 East Center Street, Midvale, which are attached to the ordinance codified in this section as though fully set forth, and that the same are enacted into the ordinance code by the city. (Ord. 5-6-86A §1, 1986)


10.08.10 Registration of vehicles


Every vehicle at all times while being driven, stopped or parked upon the streets or alleys of the city, shall be registered in the name of the owner thereof, and in accordance with the laws of the state, unless the vehicle is not required by the laws of the state to be registered in this state, and shall display in proper position, valid and unexpired registration plates and indicia of registration, meeting the requirements of the laws of the state, clear and distinct from defacement, mutilation, grease and other obscuring matter, so as to be plainly visible and legible at all times; provided, however, that if such vehicle is not required to be registered in the state, indicia of registration issued by another state, territory, possession or District of the United States or foreign country, substantially complying with the provisions of this section, shall be considered compliance with this code. (Ord. 0501279D § (part), 1979: prior code 11-301)


10.16.040 Unlawful parking at curb


No motor vehicle shall be parked with the left side of the vehicle next to the curb, except on one-way streets. It is unlawful to stand or park any motor vehicle in a street other than parallel with the curb and with the two right wheels of the vehicle within twelve inches of the regularly established curb line except on those streets which have been marked for angle parking; then vehicles shall be parked at the angle to the curb indicated by such marks. (Prior code 11-344(A))


10.16.130 Regulation of traffic and parking on school grounds


Pursuant to the authority granted by Section 53-6-20, Utah Code Annotated, 1953, after conferring with the local boards of education, the city council enacts and adopts the following rules and regulations relating to the control of traffic and parking on school grounds:

  1. Applicable state, county and city traffic and parking regulations shall be enforced upon school and school district property.
  2. Maximum speed on school and district premises shall be ten miles per hour.
  3. Vehicular traffic is limited to entering, exiting and parking. No cruising or loitering will be permitted.
  4. All vehicles are restricted to designated roadways. Motorized vehicles will not be driven on lawns, paths or other prohibited areas.
  5. No parking will be allowed in the areas where the curb is painted red, designate “‘NO PARKING,” or where such parking would obstruct regular vehicular traffic.
  6. Students, staff and faculty shall not park in areas designated “FOR VISITOR” OR “RESERVED.”
  7. The following rules and regulations relate to the registration, parking and control of vehicles by students:
  8. All district traffic and parking regulations and individual school regulations, if any, shall be distributed to  every student and faculty member at or before the beginning of each school year.
  1. Students must register with the school all motor vehicles which will be driven or parked on school property. A registration decal must be displayed on the vehicle as follows:
  2. Cars: Lower corner, passenger side of windshield.
  3. Trucks, rough terrain vehicles (jeeps, etc.): Lower corner, passenger side of windshield.
  4. Motor bikes and cycles: Rear frame or rear fender.
  5. Prior to vehicle registration at the local high school and issuance of the decal, the student must possess the following:
  6. A valid Utah driver’s license and current vehicle registration.
  7. A parent or guardian’s written permission for the student to bring a motor vehicle to school.
  8. A signed statement by the parent and student that they understand when any car is on school property the car may be searched, if the school authorities have reasonable cause to suspect that materials that are in violation of municipal ordinances and the school code are stored therein and they further understand that any materials found may be seized and used as evidence in school disciplinary hearings or legal proceedings, or both.
  9. All regulatory signs utilized on district or school property shall be placed in conspicuous and appropriate areas of the grounds. All regulatory signs must be approved by the district prior to posting. (Prior code 11-346)





Updated: 8/9/23

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