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October 12, 2022 – Minutes

Brighton High School S.C.C. Minutes

 Wednesday, October 12 at 3:30pm in the Career Center

BHS Mission Statement – At Brighton High, we choose to be better today 

than we were yesterday.

In Attendance:

Tom Sherwood, Julie Clawson (SCC Chair), Kim Steenblik (absent) (SCC Vice-Chair), Jodi Roberts (Secretary)

Staff Members: Catherine Bates, Kellie Clark, Pace Gardner, Aaron Hadfield,  Emily Nance, Ernest Pulliam , Lisa Prudden, Paul Winkelman

Parent Members:   Marci Cardon, Julie Clawson, Katie Dahle, Summer Gallegos, Mila Gleason, Kari Griffee, Liz Jenkins,  Jodi Saeland,  Michelle Schmidt, Stacie Skelton,Monica, Meyer

Absent:  Alia Gonzalez (teacher) Tyson Grover, Cindy England,  Matt Misbach, Stefanie Ripplinger,  Cherie Sadowski. Kim Steenblik, LeRoy Vea and Ily Murdock (PTSA President/Rep)


Guests:  None


Welcome by: Julie Clawson, SCC Chair

Motion to change the order of the agenda by Ernest Pulliam


Approval Minutes from September 2023 meeting

Motion to approve: Tom Sherwood

Second: Marci Cardon



Cell Tower Fund: Discussion Held.

  • There is $30,000 to be spent.
  • The most common money spent is transportation and costs for field trips.
  • Conference costs
  • Media specialist to take photos
  • Sherwood shared that there was never a policy for principals to get permission from the SCC to spend the money only how they spent the money.
  • Principal Sherwood made the motion to allow $15,000 of the Cell Tower money to be used with his discretion.
  • The motion was seconded by Ernest Pulliam

Digital Citizenship: Catherine Bates

  • Lessons Monday during ROAR this week
  • Faculty will receive pd the last Friday of the month
  • Information is sent out by Facebook, Bengal Bulletin
  • All chromebooks have a filtering system
  • The teachers use LanSchool
  • Principal Sherwood has alerts sent to his email. He asked about monitoring.


School Safety Plan: Principal Sherwood

  • Crosswalk monitoring during lunch. Not required
  • School zones not required by law for secondary schools.
  • Round-about is doing great!
  • Fencing is great!
  • Crosswalk will move across from the entrance of the school.
  • There will be only one crosswalk.
  • We are funding two extra hall monitors. We currently have 3.
  • The main office should never have the doors propped opened.
  • No adult should ever be in the building without a badge.
  • The main doors lock at 7:45 a.m.
  • The entire building cannot be locked all day. There is a separate building and students need access to the main building.
  • If there is someone really trying to get in under the radar they can get in because there is always someone coming and going.
  • Brighton has one police officer.
  • Brighton is right across the street from the Cottonwood Heights Police Department
  • Brighton has great camera coverage.
  • Rich District is the only district in the State that drug tests for sports.
  • Signage is coming.


Safety Concerns Motion by:  Katie Dahle

Seconded by:  Marci Cardon

Above and Beyond: Award given out to three teachers and one staff member each tri. Students and parents nominate during Parent Teacher Conferences based on their own experiences. As a SCC Committee the nominations are reviewed. Selections are based on not repeating and having employees who have been at Brighton at least three years.

Community Forums: meeting will be held in the future

Feeder School Meeting:  To be held in January or February. The committee will be meeting.

LandTrust and TSSP:

  • Two additional hall monitors are funded by TSSP



  • Mr. Winkleman discussed the Flier attached.
  • Grades are not weighted at the college level.
  • Challenging classes offer a bigger picture of a student’s achievement.



Ily Murdock, PTSA President

  • Murdock was not in attendance.


  • Construction update. This building should win awards.
  • .Three benches have been placed outside the backdoors. Donated by the PTA.
  • AP enrollment was sent out previous to meeting.
  • Concurrent enrollment Chem1010 was added this year.
  • Students have lots of advanced opportunities at Brighton.
  • AP testing numbers went down. Principal Sherwood believes it is due to COVID.
  • Senior Surveys have not arrived at Brighton yet.
  • The ROAR Store is very successful. It is open during lunch.
  • There are 583 students who attend Brighton from out of boundary and are on permits.



  • Faculty asked about Parent Square. The parents loved it.
  • A teacher reminded parents about the importance about attendance.



  • Bathroom safety has improved.



  • Parent is needed to be on the calendar committee.
  • Katie Dahle volunteered.


  • Marci Cardon received an APEX award for “Volunteer of the Year”
  • Brighton Marching Band won third place in the Rocky Mountain Invitational
  • Volleyball earned over $1300 at their Pink Night for Breast Cancer
  • Soccer made it to the second round
  • Nicole Shon is the “Utah Science Association Teacher of the Year”

Motion to adjourn: Tom Sherwood

Second: Katie Dahle

UPCOMING MEETINGS: Nov 9, Jan. 11, Feb. 8, Mar 8, Apr 12, May 10

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