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Welcome/Introductions                                                                       Katie Tatton

Approval of Agenda/previous month’s minutes                                 Danni Johnsen


President’s Report                                                                              Katie Tatton

            Digital Club Rush

Please make sure that you’re a member of PTSA

            Volunteer Application

            Volunteer Hours Tracking


Please check and update Contact Information

Trainings for various positions available at these links: PTA University and PTA Workshop Webinars.


Treasurer’s Report                                                                             Jennifer Spackman

            Financial Overview


Administration Report                                                                         Ryan Durant

            Digital Club Rush

            Teacher Representative

Teacher Report                                                                                  


Student Board VP Report                                                                   Jen Barton, Holly Judkins

            First Meeting, Officer Election, Calendar, Spirit Nights


Commissioner Reports

            Membership                                                                            Amy Church

            PTC Meal Oct 1                                                                      Amy Church, Lois Kristensen

Apparel                                                                                    Jen Cottam, Anita Maw

Reflections                                                                              Laura Garcia                          

Bengal Bash                                                                           Angela Oviatt                         



Upcoming Dates & Events:

Sept 17 PTA Virtual Advocacy Conference 9 am-2:15pm

Oct 1 PTC Meal

Oct 12 PTSA Meeting

Oct 21 College Night


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