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Important Graduation Information

We are quickly approaching our graduation celebration that is scheduled to begin at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 28th. Please see the list below for your assigned time slot. Graduates showing up out of order will be placed in a queue until it is their turn. Please do not show up more than 10 minutes early to your assigned time to help us in our management of this challenging process.

  1.  Graduates should arrive dressed in their cap and gown and driven by a family member or designee. We ask that families only have one vehicle in the procession; however, we will allow for two vehicles if unique family circumstances require it.
  2. Graduates should arrive at the LDS Church on the corner of 7000 S and 2700 E, 10 minutes prior to their assigned window. Please enter through the west entrance to the church.
  3. At this location, the graduates will receive a preprinted name card, a customized face mask, a graduation program, and be placed into procession groups of 10 vehicles. These groups will be pre-staged and directed to Butler Elementary School. Once at Butler Elementary, the groups of 10 vehicles will be lead down 2700 E to Butler Middle School by the CHPD Motors Division.
  4. Upon arriving at Butler Middle School, vehicles will turn right into the East entrance between Butler Middle School and the CHRC. Vehicles will remain on this road and proceed straight west until reaching the procession entrance that will be marked with a balloon arch.
  5. Upon arriving at this location, vehicles will turn left and proceed along the route on the west side of Butler until they arrive at the graduation stage (the route will be very obvious).
  6. Once the vehicle gets to the designated area, ONLY THE GRADUATE will exit the vehicle and proceed to the stage with their name card in hand. As the graduate walks along the route, the graduate’s vehicle will also proceed. The graduate will place their name card into a designated location and walk across the stage as their name is read. As they cross the stage, the graduate will be presented their diploma cover by a member of the Canyons Board of Education or Principal Sherwood. The graduate will then continue along the designated path until they arrive at a photo back-drop. At this location, we will take a professional photo of the graduate with their diploma cover. *This portion of the event will be live-streamed via Youtube and recorded. A copy of the professional photo will be made available to parents at no charge. We will be sending the live link out soon.
  7. After their picture is taken, the graduate will proceed to the designated location where they will re-enter their vehicle and proceed to the church parking lot (the church across the street from Cottonwood Heights City Building). At this location, the graduate will turn in their gown, pick up their diploma, and sign a commemorative artifact that will be on display at the new school.
  8. Each family will be sent a jump drive which will include:
    a. Remarks from their classmates
    b. Musical numbers by classmates
    c. Remarks from district officials
    d. Remarks from Mr. Sherwood
    e. Video of all of their classmates crossing the stage
    f. A still image of each classmate in front of the custom backdrop with a list of
  9. All seniors are invited to participate in this graduation celebration regardless of credit deficiencies. However, if all of the credits for graduation have not been earned, the student will not receive their actual diploma until they have completed their required credits.

***Additional Important Information:

  1. Please try and keep it to one vehicle per family.
  2. You are welcome to decorate your vehicle if you like.
  3. Noisemakers and celebrations are encouraged.
  4. Oversized vehicles will encounter problems navigating the prescribed route. Please be responsible in your choice of vehicle or you may be asked to leave the celebration and exchange your vehicle.
  5. We will place a photo backdrop in front of the school from 8:00 a.m. until dark on Tuesday and Wednesday May 26th and 27th to allow families to take pictures in front of the backdrop with their graduate.
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